Forever Wild Workshops

Grow your knowledge by learning how to shoot in-studio

Two hours of Education

Models provided, snacks & all your questions answered!

Give your clients options, give yourself more creative freedom!

Many Photographers are skilled shooting outdoors, but when it comes to indoor photography, that may be out of your comfort zone.

Here at Wild Oak we not only want to grow our community but we also want photographers to grow in their craft. We want to provide a space that all artists can walk in our doors and be comfortable with different lighting conditions.

Forever Wild Workshops are designed to grow your knowledge as an artist by advancing your skill with indoor lighting and flash!

We have several Workshops ready for sign ups!

Ready to get started?

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Indoor Natural light - Forever Wild Workshops

Ready to get started?

02 / 02

Hi I'm Cortney

Photographer, educator, studio owner & mama to six

I'm frequently asked how I craft a distinct photography style that stands apart. I have been a portrait photographer of 14 years. I weave the classical principles of clean whites, bold, and airy. In the end, I want to make something truly beautiful: photographs that are as unique, lovely, and nuanced as the people they depict. Don't we all want that?

These workshops will be designed to either improve your skill set, or learn something new to give you a new option to add to your clients!

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Wild Oak Studio will be hosting two monthly workshops a month starting in 2024! These workshops will focus on improving/learning skills for photography done indoors! Jump on our email list to be the first to know when dates are released. Models will be provided as well as an option to purchase our exclusive Wild Oak Presets with your workshop registration. We look forward to helping you expand your skill & build a community! 


Is this like a shootout?


These workshops are for those who want to learn and expand their knowledge with indoor lighting. These are not for just getting content in the studio.

I am a beginner, Will these workshops be too advanced for me?


Basic knowledge of your camera is recommended for these workshops. Cortney will be hosting beginner photography workshops but for these, it will make it easier if you have the basics of your camera down.

Can we buy the presets separate?


Yes! These presets were crafted and designed for shooting in Wild Oak, so keep that in mind! But they are excellent for outdoors as well. Cortney has tested these in several spaces as well as outside, but her favorite place to use them is on her sessions in Studio A!