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30 Min Weekdays - Reserve Below

We get asked all the time about studio tours & everyone wanting to come see the space before they book. Although we can't cater to each individual request, we have created our 30 Min Weekdays so you can book a time slot for 30 mins & test the light, see our themed sets & tour the space!

Reschedules & Cancellations

Cancelling or Changing Your Reservation

You can change or cancel your Studio reservation with no additional charge at any time 14 days before your reservation is set to begin by contacting or you can go to your original reservation and reschedule/cancel. Upon cancellation/reschedule, you will receive a credit the dollar amount spent that can be applied towards a future rental with us. Your credit will expire in 90 days from the date of the original reservation. 

Studio credits will not be given for time booked but not utilized. Example: You book the studio for mini sessions and they do not all fill up. This is not a responsibility of the studio. We will not be giving credits for this. 

Wild Oak Studio is not responsible for photographer's client's cancelling last Minute, no credit will be issued for this.

If you would like to reschedule your reservation and it is after the 14 day mark, please reach out to us. There will be a reschedule fee of 25% of your booking applied to any credit we give you. If you are able to have someone book in your place, no fee will apply. You have until the day before your booking to have the spot filled and waive the fee. We will open the time slot, as long as it books the fee will be waived, you are only responsible for the fee if no one else fills that slot. 

Sickness & emergencies will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Please reach out to us if this applies to you regardles 


Furniture & Client Examples


Do you allow pets?


We love your furry friends! There is a pet fee *per* pet. Furry friends are not allowed on the rugs or furniture. If your pet sheds you will need to clean up all hair before you leave.

Can we do a cake smash?


Cake smashes are allowed in studio A but not in Studio B. There is a cake fee when you book. It is required that all cake is cleaned up before you leave. All set up & tear down is part of your rental time.

Do you do tours? What if I want to see the space before I book?


We get this question a lot! We offer 30 min weekday slots for you to book and come see the space before you commit to a full hour!

What do you have for lighting?


We have four constant lights, several 12ft windows lining the space, roll down shades, sheer curtains and LED overhead lights.

Do you allow glitter/confetti?


Unfortunately glitter is NOT allowed, however large confetti is! Please make sure all confetti is completely cleaned up before you leave!

Do you have seamless paper?


We have a very large selection of seamless paper! Bone, White, Black, Ultramarine, Coco, and several others! There are three backdrop stands as well!

Can I move the furniture?


In studio A you can move the furniture as long as it is all placed back where it was when you arrived. If there is a seasonal set up we ask that you text us first. In studio B moving the decor, bed, drapery, and pampas installs are not allowed. You may move the bassinet, chair, couch, pillows and round rug if needed as long as those items are back where they belong before you leave.

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