400 South Oak St.

Suite 160 - Roanoke, Texas


Your Canvas for Creativity

Step into Wild Oak Studio, a beacon of artistic illumination nestled in the heart of quaint Old Town Roanoke. Here, we embrace the resplendent play of terrific natural light that floods through our large windows, equipped with light-diffusing shades to ensure the perfect balance of luminosity for your shoot.

Our unique pocket wall backdrops are designed for versatility and ease, ensuring that the atmosphere of your shoot can be transformed in moments, while our minimal and unobtrusive styling serves to enhance rather than overshadow your creative vision.

Set against the charming backdrop of Roanoke's walkable old town, Wild Oak Studio is perfectly positioned amidst an array of delightful eateries and boutique shops. Our prime location not only enriches your visit with us, but also offers a cornucopia of potential backdrops for those looking to incorporate a taste of Roanoke's distinctive charm into their photographs.

At Wild Oak Studio, we understand that photography is an evolving art form, constantly shaped by the creative needs and desires of our vibrant community. This is why we remain committed to an ethos of collaboration, eagerly partnering with our clients to refine and expand our collection of props and styling options. We are always ready to adapt and grow, ensuring that our studio is as dynamic and inspired as the artists we are privileged to serve.

Photos of our current sets!

Christmas/Holiday: Until Jan 6th - Studio A

Nursery Set: Permanent - Studio A

Bohemian Dream - Studio B - Permanent

Galleries of our Studios & Sets

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In the world of photography, you get to share a captured moment with other people.

(Ethan Callister)
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