Become a Member of Wild Oak Studio

Guaranteed Time, Hourly Savings & More

So What Is Included?

Our Members get the best perks!

- Listed in the member directory on the website based on primary genre.

- Access to 30 Min time slots

- 5 or 10 Hours each month

- Access to equipment such as additional lighting, exclusive props, camera gear if needed & more

- Members become part of the advisory team, each member gets to vote, offer opinions on sets & more.

- Free Promo Mini Days before sets go public

- Blog posts features with backlink information!

- Affiliate program coming soon!


So what are the rules?

- Hours do not roll over

- Hours must be used within 30 days. This means that it doesn't matter what date you purchase, it just has to be used within 30 days!

- Listing on the website as a photographer is only valid as long as you are a member!

- No long term commitment necessary, we won't automatically charge you. It will be your responsibility to renew your membership every 30 days.

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