Welcome to Wild Oak Studio

Welcome to our multi-studio photography space, your versatile canvas where creativity meets inspiration. Designed with the utmost attention to detail and with a keen eye for the demands of every photographer, this space presents a harmonious blend of form, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

Our expansive hourly-rentable space showcases three distinctive studios, each purpose-built for specific photography needs. These studios are fully equipped, highly adaptable, and designed to foster the creative process, ensuring you have everything you need to transform your vision into reality.

Whether you're a seasoned professional, an aspiring artist, or simply someone with a story to tell, our rentable photography studios offer a welcoming, inspiring environment. Each space embodies a unique character and mood, providing a plethora of creative opportunities, ready to be explored on your own terms. So come in, set up, and let your creativity run free in this extraordinary photographic haven.

Meet the Owner

Hi, i'm


Hello, I'm Cortney Lang, a passionate photographer with over a decade of professional experience. My specialty lies in capturing the tender nuances of early life and family dynamics, transforming fleeting moments into cherished memories. Throughout my career, I've developed a deep admiration for the transformative power of simplicity in setting the stage for creative exploration.

With Wild Oak Studio, I've realized my long-held dream: to establish a minimalistic yet evocative photography studio, a true blank canvas that both myself and my fellow photographers can use to birth our unique creative visions. I see this studio as an extension of my own dedication to the art of photography, providing a stage for brilliance west of Dallas, where bright, trendy, and versatile studios were previously scarce.

As a proud member and ardent supporter of the photography community, my goal with Wild Oak Studio goes beyond simply providing a space. I am deeply committed to fostering an environment that encourages growth, collaboration, and innovation amongst photographers. In this way, Wild Oak Studio is more than a location—it's a space that reflects the dynamism and diversity of our vibrant artistic community. Join me, and together, let's continue to shape the narrative of photography in our time.

Just for you

Amenities that just make sense

  • Large floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Light-diffusing window shades
  • 3-Wall Rolling Pocket Walls
  • Board and Batten Wall (Studio A)
  • Boho Styling (Studio B)
  • Augmented lighting systems
  • Restrooms/Changing Room with Large Mirrors
  • Shared Prop Room
  • Large Leather Couches
  • Queen Sized Beds
  • Unobtrusive Minimal Seasonal Sets
  • Kitchenette with Refrigerator and Complimentary Bottled Water
  • Wireless Internet with Easy-Connect
  • Google Assistant Speakers with YouTube Music
  • Simple Kids Toys for Entertainment
  • Quaint walkable location near Boutique Shops and Restaurants
  • Baby Changing Station
  • Camera Monitoring (Turned off by request for sensitive shoots)
  • Janitorial Closet with Cleanup Products

Studio A - Light & Airy

Studio B - Our Boho Studio

Studio C - Newborn Studio

A little about our spaces

Studio A

The first of our studios is our grand Natural Light Studio, a monument to openness and vibrancy. Brimming with brilliant natural light, it provides an invigorating atmosphere that's perfect for capturing those magic moments in radiant detail. Enormous windows let in the sun’s rays, offering an ever-changing dance of light and shadow, while the spacious layout affords room for large groups and complex setups. This studio is your ideal playground when it comes to harnessing the transformative power of natural illumination.

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Studio B

Our second studio is our Boho-themed Natural Light Studio, a smaller, more intimate setting that exudes a warm, neutral color palette. Furnished with boho-chic accents, it promises a unique ambiance that sets the tone for relaxed, expressive sessions. It’s a versatile environment, capable of offering everything from the whimsical to the serene, providing an enchanting backdrop for portraits, product shoots, or anything that benefits from a touch of bohemian charm.

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Studio C

Lastly, our specially designed newborn photography studio is an oasis of comfort and safety. Equipped with the latest in artificial lighting, this studio allows for the perfect control over your lighting conditions, creating a consistent, soft, and warm environment that’s perfect for capturing precious moments with the smallest members of the family. This cozy, tranquil space is meticulously maintained to ensure a calm, soothing experience for both the newborn and their family, all while enabling the creation of stunning, timeless images. This studio does not have any natural light.

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